June 04, 2019 2 min read

Saint Elmo is a fashion brand that makes high quality, comfortable sportswear with an effortlessly cool vibe and a stylish minimalist aesthetic. A brand for urban fashionistas, relentless go-getters and people who use their talents to move ahead in life, the brand is already a favorite with the stylish crowd. Their cotton blend sweatshirt are especially popular, thanks to their soft fabric and cozy feel - and they are on sale right now! Saint Elmo offers free shipping on all orders
Dwight Hendricks is an entrepreneur with a vision and is the creative mind behind Saint.Elmo. He is on a mission to help others discover their talent within themselves and reflect growth.

Brand mission

This is a brand with the mission to help you find your talent and grow it into a career. If you believe that you can grow wealth and become your best self by concentrating on enhancing your passion as well as unleashing your creativity, this is the right brand for you. This ambitious spirit is the driving force behind this organization, a company built for people who don’t settle for mediocrity and use their talents to move ahead in life.

Reason one

Why Saint.Elmo is for you? Three easy answers- First these are right for almost everyone who is on the go all the time and needs easy to wear clothing. Also, these clothes are comfortable for your downtime. If you are trying to build a career or grow an already existing one; most of the time you will be dressed more formally. So, nothing is better than leisure items that you can just throw on and go work-out or meet friends for a drink down the street. Many of these items are unisex but they are all great looking casual wear.

Reason two

They also sell perfect pieces of jewelry that are:

As well as elegant
These go perfectly with leisure clothing. Their engraved bar necklace that is sterling silver has a coating that is nickel-free and is the perfect choice for a gift. Perfect gift for memorable occasion or to wear on a casual day when you want to have something a little bit special.

There is a chunk chain bracelet that highlights the vibrant, delicate, and sensual personality of the wearer and made in the USA. It is:

Sterling silver and 18K gold plated
Several shapes of charm
Spring ring clasp
Lead and nickel free
Reason three

None of the items that bear the logo are expensive – in fact, very reasonably priced. And when you are building a career, it is nice to catch a break when it comes to money. The few jewelry items go perfectly with anything you wear – casual or not.